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When Atlantis was swalled 7000 BC by the ocean, the surviving civilisations spread across Africa. They built Gize's Pyramids, Ancient Greece and suddenly disappeared. 


Until today.


Safarka's Expedition Group, discovered misterious people with amazing gifts while exploring Somalia few years ago.


What are they hidding from modern civilisation? Who are them?


< Chemestry & Geology > 

You need to rescue the precious gems from Atlantis! But, you only have 60 min and need to find a way in to the apartment and accomplish your objective, before Samuel arrives.


Can you do it?

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2-5 people | 60 Min | 75€ per group

Difficult Level: 7/10

Language: Any

Reservations within 12h, must be made by phone call


< Astronomy >

Samuel's dad passed away. He left an intriguing message that Samuel is unable to decipher. You are invited to solve the mystery and find the life's work of his dad.


Are you ready?

OR CALL +351 918 673 349

2-5 people | 60 Min | 75€ per group

Difficult Level: 8/10

Language: PT or ENG

Reservations within 12h, must be made by phone call


What is Safarka Escape Room?
Safarka, means "The Journey" in Somali Language. We get inspired in the lost continent Atlantis to start an unique immersive story, driven for teams of 2 to 5 players, based on the popular game genre of escape rooms elements of hidden objects, crazy riddle, immersive scenario and interaction with professional actors. The aim of the game is to work with your team mates to solve riddles, puzzles and clues while also looking for certain objects to find a way out of the game area within the 60 minute time limit. Players can expect their total experience (including the finding the escape room & debriefing) to last approximately 80 - 90 minutes.
Who are able to play at Safarka?
Safarka chapters (rooms) are enjoyed by a wide range of people. If you enjoy solving puzzles and work well under the pressure of a time limit, then this is the game for you. Teams can be made up of family members or friends to take part in this fun but challenging experience, or even work colleagues as a team building. Working well with your team-mates is the key to a successful escape. Note: Is it not required to have knowledge of the chapter theme ir order to solve it.
Is there more than one chapter available?
We now have 2 chapters in the same building and we are working on the next one. For bigger groups we also have 2 complementary chapters on an outdoor mode, where your team must walk in a certain region to find clues and use objects given at the start of the experience. Additionally, any room may be played in an independent order. Although all the chapters belong to a unique story, the order you play are not relevant to your success. In the meanwhile, you can have a perception of certain personages different from other groups, depending of which room you have played firstly. So, you are able to change the way of the story goes.
Are there any restrictions to play?
Our riddles and clues are designed for adults, but we welcome players of any age over 7 years old. Under 18's must be accompanied by at least one adult and you should warn us within a day before the schedule event. If the major part of the group or if you demand it, we adapt our riddles to make it a little be less complex to solve them. There are no upper age limits to our experience, as there is no physical aspects to the challenges within the game (no heavy lifting or climbing). If you are pregnant please give us a call so we can brief you on exactly what to expect, that way you can make your own mind up as to the suitability of the game. Sadly, our rooms are not prepared to receive people with reduced mobility yet.
Does any chapter contains horror scenes?
We do not have any chapter with horror scenes. All the chapters have suspense, specially "The Reseach" one. Please remember that our main goal in to give you the best immersion experience, while solving tricky riddles during a certain period of time.
Do I need to understand English perfectly?
No, you don't. Our chapters are designed for everyone be able to solve them. You can see in each chapter the level of language dependency you need but in most cases our riddles are based in numbers, symbols and easy words.
My group have more elements than what's recommended
If you require more than one team simultaneous or have extra people, please call us on +351 918 673 349 or send us an e-mail to
Once I've booked can I add additional team members?
Yes, you can add up to five but please give us an heads up.
What time should I arrive?
We ask for players to arrive 15 minutes before the time of your booking, this is to ensure all players are ready to enter at the schedule hour. You need to be punctual and very responsible, once in certain chapters you need to find a way in by yourself. You will never see our staff, since there will be acting as soon as you arrive. At the end of the experience you got a debriefing with our staff and hopefully a surprise if you achieved the goal. If you are running late, please call us on +351 918 673 349 to let us know as soon as possible. We will do what we can to allow your game to go ahead, although if we have an event after yours, you may not get to enjoy the full experience, due to bookings after yours.
  • Amazing! 5 star. Top of the Escape Rooms in Lisbon. Wonderful time fill with educational purpuse and enjoyable interaction
  • Creative and fun escape room Thoughtfully put together escape room. Good story line. Well explained in English. Having an actor was a nice touch.
  • Loved it! Mind-blowing Real actors. It felt as if you have the leading role in an exciting adventure. Great variation in complex puzzles and if we were stuck the actor can provide you with a small hint. Love to come back and survive the other room! A real must-do!
  • The best escape game in Portugal! I´d recomend to everyone! Is funny, challenging, gives us some knowledge, the interection with the actor is great, and it´s an original thing to do, unforgetable. do not miss it.