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In 2001, a pyramid was found under the hot ground of Somalia during a mine exploration. Groundbreaking scientists and explorers started to collect rare gems and minerals but when they reached deeper solo, they saw small people running, hiding and disappearing into the darkest tunnels down there.


​​​​​​​Who are them? Why are they living there? What secrets do they hide?
Come to find out!
  • João Almeida AMAZING! Totally mandatory! The history is great, the scenario is super immersive! You totally feel the team work. So if you are searching for a company team building, search no more! Best scape room ever!
  • Hugo S. Totally different interaction with game master from all other escape games in lisbon which was very cool. Some puzzles are quite different from usual as well. Very nice game. Maybe slightly too difficult if it's your first time on an escape game.
  • Nuno Carvalho Most brain blowing teamwork realistic game in Lisbon. Moments of fun, surprises and overwhelming experiences you will find here. Don't miss this intelligent escape room with a great story and an awesome scenario.

George Fling 

Archeologist for more than 30 years, everybody thought he was dead. Until now. Burried in a mine in Japan, after a nearshore tsunami crashed at Tohoku in 2011.

He found divine gems carried by ancient people and finds out that his old friend Samuel keeps them in his secret flat in Lisbon.

"Every land has a story to tell"

Samuel Nathan

Passionate about collecting rare gems, he traveled the world searching for ancient civilizations and exploring abandoned mines. Since his young years he showed interest in math, physics, geology and medicine, never missing the small details in life.

"Sky is not the limit"

Find new ones

Many people participate in experiences and adventures, searching and exploring the Earth. Some represent science and its evolution, others represent the over exploration and greediness of the materialism. Get to know Nathan’s Family, his friendship with Fling and people involved in this Novel.

"You are never alone"

Theme: Adventure without horror

Difficult Level : 7 ( 1-10 )

Language: Any


Samuel Nathan left home for a short period of time. Get into his apartment quietly and find a way to get in the Research Area. Once inside, be careful because you will not be alone anymore.

Fling needs your help to recover 5 gems that Samuel hides in his house. Recover them before Samuel arrives!

2-5 People / 60 min

75€ flat rate

OR CALL +351 918 673 349

Reservations within 24h, must be made by phone call


Samuel's Dad has passed away. With his 85 years old he left a testimonial to reveal his working life secret. 

Part of the misterious document was delivered to his son, Samuel. The other half was delivered to you! You where choosen to dig deep at his Library.  

2-5 People / 60 min

OR CALL +351 918 673 349

Reservations within 24h, must be made by phone call

Theme: Astronomy 

Difficult Level : 8 ( 1-10 )

Language: ENG or PT


You must follow and respect the instructions of all Safarka’s staff. This game is made to be as immersible as possible, so do not break anything because every object and living thing is real and not artificial. You will find highly valuable items, preserve them so that others can also experience them.


Our Rooms are based on a moment of the story, so choose the one you want to play. Go through our booking app, take advantage of the Safarka’s launching special price and pay attention to your e-mail, where you will receive the first instructions and clues.


It’s perfect for everyone who enjoys escape games, science, storytelling, fiction and cooperation. We recommend to take children above 12 years old. If you want do to a special event, like a birthday or team building, just get in touch with us on the footer section.


If bus is your best disguise, just get in 709 > Campo de Ourique (Prazeres) OR 720 > Calvário OR 738 > Alto de Santo Amaro, and take off in Estrela. Afterwards walk 7 minutes.

If you come by subway take the Yellow Line and take off in Rato. Walk 10 minutes.

Get the Old Electric Tram no. 28 or 25 direct to Campo de Ourique (prazeres). After the emblematic Basílica da Estrela, get out of the tram 2 stops ahead (Rua Saraiva Carvalho) and walk 5 minutes.

In case of being Uber fanatic, just press here.



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