It all started 7.000 year B.C when Atlantis sunk deeper in the ocean of the unknown. With it, an advanced civilisation disappeared forever. Some researchers are still seeking for the lost continent and others are searching for objects and traces of that civilisation.




In 2001, a pyramid was found bellow the hot ground of Somalia during a mine exploration. Groundbreaking scientists and explorers started to collecting rare gems and minerals but when they reached deeper solo, they saw people running and hiding, disappearing in the darkest tunnels of the underground pyramid.



Welcome to Safarka, which means "The Journey" in Somali language. You will have the chance of experience a living story based in real facts with fictional characters and riddles.


Your adventure starts now!





Different characters have key roles in this novel and your are able to meet them and change the course of the story



Archeologist for more than 20 years, everybody thought he was dead, when a landslide in 1998 burried him in a mine in Japan. Until now.

He travelled back to Portugal and finds out that his old friend Samuel, continued his life’s work, finding and hiding precious gems in his secret flat in Lisbon.

"The sky is not the limit"


Passionate for collecting rare gems, he traveled the world searching for ancient civilizations and exploring abandoned mines. Since his young years he showed interest in math, physics, geology and medicine, never missing the smallest details in life.

"Every land has a story to tell"


Many people participate in the studies, searching and exploring the Earth. Ones represent the science and it’s evolution, others represent the over exploration and greediness of the materialism. Get to know Nathan’s Family, his friendship with Fling and people involved in this novel.